“Drunken Hearted” by Number Girl



第一章 路上 午後23時30分

しとしとふるよ 雨ってやつは
路上 人の雨
夜を生きる俺 つまり意見は無用ノ介
街角から想う&さすらう 街サムライの俺
おもいで酒だけが おれを酔わすのだ
おもいで酒だけが おれを酔わすのだ


おーい元気かーい? っていってくれ

第三章 都市伝説Pt1 午前1時15分

でも俺はまぶしすぎる 桃色ガールを前にして殺伐!!
気狂い人の君 ついに心は開かれず
いつまで俺 夜 歩くの
いつまで俺夜歩くの 夜歩くの・・・・?

第四章 田淵ひさこ ギターソロ

第五章 俺はここにいる 午前3時30分

いま確かに ここに俺はいる
夜歩く 俺がいる・・・。

Drunken Hearted

Lyrics: Mukai Shutoku

Chapter One: On the Road, 11:30 p.m.
They gently fall, the rain people
on the road, a rain of people
But I live in the night, so my thoughts on the matter are worthless
I think & wander round the street corner, city samurai that I am
The wet ground somehow makes me feel conspicuously closed in
I get drunk off of memory alcohol
I get drunk off of memory alcohol
I get drunk…

Chapter Two: Super Drunken Hearted
Heeeey! Ask me… if I’m doin all right….
Gowaaan! Jus ask me!

Chapter Three: Urban Legend Pt. 1, 1:15 a.m.
Is this the city that never sleeps!? My thoughts shine like neon lights…
But I’m too bright, and Pink Girl is brutal before me!!
You crazed girl, not letting anyone into your heart
Zero communication!!!
What color is the heart of a lying girl?
The scenery is stubbornly brutal
How long will I walk the night
How long will I walk the night, how long…?

Chapter Four: Tabuchi Hisako’s Guitar Solo

Chapter Five: I Am Here, 3:30 a.m.
How many times can I lay out the map of my youth?
My present location is some affirmation
Right now, at this moment, here is where I am
Walking the night, here I am…


Translated in June of 2008.

Tabuchi Hisako, as mentioned in Chapter 4, was the lead guitarist of Number Girl. You can now hear her as the lead guitarist/backup vocalist of the legendary band Bloodthirsty Butchers and as the lead singer of her more recent band Toddle, both which I highly recommend. P.S. I had a lot of fun translating this song 8>}


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