“Kuromegachi na shoujo” by Number Girl



さすらっていた 中野の駅前
夕方はもう近い ハラヘってしょうがない


信号が変わる すれちがう人の数

派手に転んで ぶっ倒れて
俺は初めて 都市の匂いを知った

少女が黒目をきょろきょろさせて 何かを探していた

犬が俺に歌った 感覚が笑って
家に帰る 家に帰る

* * *

Dark-Eyed Girl

Lyrics: Mukai Shutoku
Translation: Alex Fyffe

I was wandering around in front of Nakano Station
It was getting close to evening, and my stomach was growling

I slurped down some ramen and suddenly felt like running

The traffic lights changed. There were all these people
There were so many people

I openly stumbled around, fell on my ass
It was the first time I really smelled the city

There was a girl shifting her dark eyes back and forth, searching for something

A dog sang to me, made me smile
I suddenly felt like having another drink
and then going back home, going back home


Trans. May of 2007. If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a huge fan of Number Girl (and of most of the bands they splintered into — Zazen Boys, Toddle, Vola & The Oriental Machine), and their final album, NumHeavyMetallic, is still one of my favorite albums of the past decade. This song is the perfect close to a perfect album.

I think the title is probably closer to “Shifty Black-Eyed Girl,” but I chose to keep it simple with “Dark-Eyed Girl,” keeping with Mukai Shutoku’s usual format of “(Something) Girl” (i.e. drifting girl, Tuesday girl, sexual girl, everyday girl, mid-afternoon girl, etc.).


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