“Mappiruma Girl” by Number Girl



真っ昼間から楽しんでる2人 ワタシも誰かとワケアリになりたーい
そうは許さぬ儒教のおしえ だけども誰でもやってる風

ワタシは孤独を気取ってる 空元気 嘘いっぱい
ホントは本当はねさびしいの 誰が拾ってワタシを拾って

あ 万円でいいから 修羅場を見せて 落っことして
落っことして 落っことして 落っことしてムチャクチャにして
ワタシを ワタシを ムチャクチャにして

落ちるとこまでただ落ちたいの 諸行の無常を感じてたいの

真っ昼間から 飛び降り自殺見ちゃった
アッ夏のかぜ すずしいね

* * *

Afternoon Girl

Lyrics: Mukai Shutoku
Translation: Alex Fyffe

There’s a couple fooling around in the middle of the afternoon. I wish I had someone to fool around with too
Confucianism teaches that it’s unforgivable, but it seems like everyone’s doing it

People do unseemly things in the middle of the afternoon
I make a big show of being alone, but it’s only bravado, a big lie
Really, honestly, I’m lonely. Someone, come pick me up

Oh, 30,000 yen sounds good. Show me chaos. Throw me down
Throw me down, throw me down, throw me down, fuck me up
Fuck me up, fuck me up

I just want to fall until I hit bottom. I want to feel the uncertainty of eternity

In the middle of the afternoon, I saw someone jump to his death
Oh, the summer wind is cool
It rustles my skirt


Trans. May of 2007.

“Muchakucha ni shite” is a phrase meaning “to do wildly” or “to do like crazy,” and, in this case, I think she’s saying something like “do me like crazy,” which I’ve taken to its vulgar conclusion in order to parallel it with “throw me down.” It could also be translated as “Mess me up,” or “ravage me,” or something else. I chose what I chose because it seemed the most appropriate for the circumstance. The narrator’s imagery is quite violent and vulgar, and that moment of violence really contrasts with the last couple of lines in a devastating kind of way.


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