“Nichijou ni ikiru shoujo” by Number Girl



スピーカが2つあるってことは そこに2次元の世界があるって
ことなんですねって オレに聞くあの娘

病気もせずに 惑わされずに

一人で映画に出かけたり 悔やんだり

日常に生きている あの娘 は 笑ってる 友達同士で笑いあう
それは女学生だったときの 放課後の風景


並木道 影がのびる
空気の 冷たさに 気付く

* * *

Everyday Girl

Lyrics: Mukai Shutoku
Translation: Alex Fyffe

There are two speakers, she says, and in them there is another dimension.
Don’t you think so? she asks me.

Everyday girl lives an ordinary life,
without sickness, without confusion,
and that’s the truth as far as I know.

She goes out to a movie by herself, and feels sorry for herself.

She lives an ordinary life, laughing like she laughed with her friends
when she was a schoolgirl, outside after class.
She still has that same smiling face.

When it’s cold and coat weather,
She puts on a cute red overcoat.

Her shadow stretches down the avenue.
She becomes aware of a chill in the air.


Trans. May of 2007

The title, “Nichijou ni ikiru shoujo,” means “A Girl Who Lives an Ordinary Life,” but, as I mentioned in an earlier post, Mukai Shutoku’s girls are usually named more simply (Tuesday girl, drifting girl, etc.), so I thought “Everyday Girl” worked best to capture the spirit of the title.

“When it’s cold and coat weather…” The line “Samui hi ni KOOTO wo kiru hito wa ooi” actually means, “On cold days, there are many people who wear coats,” which simply sounds like an awkward thing to say, so I changed it up a little for aesthetic reasons. The line that follows is also closer to “She also does things like wearing cute, red coats when she goes out,” which I altered a bit for similar reasons.


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