“Teppuu surudokunatte” by Number Girl





風 風 鋭くなって

鼻水たらして 斜めの角度の野球帽

夕暮れ時間 オレ いる 橋の上

ボルトの赫サビ 墨田川

風鋭くなって 鉄の鋲打たれた橋
オレ いま橋の上 鉄風あびて 鋭くなって
夕焼けあびて 侍 余裕の花遊び
風鋭くなって にっこり笑った 芸者の少女

都会の野良猫 眼光鋭くなって
鉄風の中 少年たちは球ひろい
そう 鋭くなって 笑った少女と目があった
風 鋭くなって 都会の少女はにっこり笑う!!
にっこり笑って 鋭くなって 笑って笑って 風鋭くなって

* * *

The Iron Wind Sharpens

Lyrics: Mukai Shutoku
Trans.: Alex Fyffe

He went down to the river
to toss in his crazed cat
said farewell with a little Buddhist prayer
and went back home in a used tank he found there

The stray cat he called A
dropped dead in 3-choume
but he’s crying because he lost
the manga badge from his baseball cap

the wind, the wind’s getting sharper

snot drips from his nose, he wears his cap at an oblique angle

In the evening I am standing on a bridge,

bolts rusted red, on the Sumida River
someone plays with flowers on a pleasure boat

The wind’s getting sharper, slams against the iron rivets of the bridge
I am on the bridge, the wind envelops me, getting sharper
sunset washes over a samurai who has time to play with flowers
the wind’s getting sharper, grinning geisha girls

The light in the eyes of the stray city cats is getting sharper
boys pick up baseballs in the iron wind
yes, it’s getting sharper, and they meet the eyes of the grinning girls
the wind’s getting sharper, and the city girls grin!!
grinning, getting sharper, laughing, laughing, the wind is getting sharper


Trans. 2008. Revised 2011.

3-choume = district 3.


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