ringo no uta by shiina ringo

apple song
lyrics: shiina ringo

you would like to know my name wouldnt you
but i cant seem to remember just now how sad

please give me a fitting name
call me however you wish
a name like those flowers that blossom in may

when the akebia opens it signals the return of autumn
a season that is so very quiet are you lonely

allow me to wipe the tears from your face
see very soon i too will bear fruit
in winter i am filled with nectar and am delivered to you

i so admire you humans
the way you can cry and laugh its marvelous

i just remembered my name
and it is as you say i am apple
every year i deliver to you my delicious fruit
eat of me
the fruit of sin

さくし: しいなりんご


5がつにはなをさかす わたしに にあいのなを


ふゆにはみつをいれて あなたに おとどけします

わたしがあこがれているのは にんげんなのです
ないたりわらったりできる ことがすてき



The original lyrics, as you can see, are written entirely in hiragana without the use of kanji, much the way a small child would write. To replicate the odd appearance of this, I have avoided punctuation and capitalization in my translation.


2 thoughts on “ringo no uta by shiina ringo

    • Thank you for the Frecklegirl link. I had never seen another translation of this song until just now. Shiina’s written lyrics for the song are very simple and almost childish-looking, but the words themselves are overly-formal, so I tried to capture that in my translation.

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