Six Free-form Haiku by Hashimoto Mudo (橋本夢道)


Everyone is at work
Tokyo in mid-summer
The roofs shift


Stop thinking
and work in the face
of a pitch black sun


Cherry blossoms falling
in the middle of the day
I walk with my parasol


Trying not to think
staring at the hole in my pipe
all evening


Holding back tears
I smoke a cigarette


Greek gods
never had

(NOTE: lit. “mitsumame, Greek gods did not know.” Mitsumame is a type of food that apparently consists of boiled beans, jelly cubes, fruit pieces and molasses. Yum.)


2 thoughts on “Six Free-form Haiku by Hashimoto Mudo (橋本夢道)

  1. I really like your translation for the fourth. I might even like it more than the original. It’s funny how that happens sometimes.

    I like the last haiku as well but think you could better fit the pieces together if you tried.

    • Thank you. Number four is my favorite, too. As for number six, I tried to keep it as short and humorous as the original, but maybe there’s a better way to get that across. Unfortunately, my blog has more sixes than fours, but hopefully that won’t be true as it continues to expand.

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