Senkou by UA

Flash of Light
Lyrics: UA

I’ve known peaceful places like this one.
Our breath meets, carried on the wind.
I touch you, or a drawing of your right arm,
the line taught to me by the wind.

No matter how often the world falls into ruin, once again,
beautifully, light gives birth to shadow,
and puts on nameless colors. Gently, a girl
picks up small stones and lays them by the window.
The moon was watching, the night was watching.

Looking up at the roaring sky, eyes closed, the scenery pierces through.
More than this, it doesn’t matter what I see — I’m not going back again

Hey, what time is it? Where am I?
Who are you? Do I have a place I can call home?
Nice people get killed.
Just one more drop and I think the world will flood.

If the road ahead doesn’t veer to the right
and I am forever stuck walking straight along this line,
then I will always be clinging to the nape of your neck
and there would be nothing left for me to swallow.
The moon was watching, the night was watching.

The wings in my heart cut through the clouds to look down from here,
searching, for something I’ve lost, or someone, always searching.

From my spread out, black wings falls
a single feather, shot through with light, translucent and colorless;
mimics the line of my uneven heart
when it lands on the horizon.

The depths of my heart are pierced by a light that melts the snow,
a light that shoots out in a straight line from the depths of your eyes.



美しく照らされて 陰をも産んで
名もない色をまとう 小石をそっと
女の子が拾って 窓辺に置くよ
月が見ていた 夜が見ていた

吠える空を見た 目を閉じたまま 突き抜ける景色を
これ以上 何を見ればいいの だから私はもう戻らないよ

ねえ 今何時なの ここは何処なの
貴方は誰なの 帰る家はあるの
優しい人達が 殺されているよ
もうあと一滴で 世界は溢れそうだね

貴方と今こうして うなじを握って
月を見ていた 夜を見ていた

胸に生える羽根は 雲を切ってここを見下ろすように
尋ねるよ 何を失くしてるのかと 誰をずっとさがしてるの

大きく伸びた 真っ黒な翼からこぼれて落ちた
1枚の羽根が光に透けて 色が消えてくよ
地平線に 着地するときを

雪が解けるように 私の奥に射し込む光は
貴方の瞳の奥に在る 一筋のラインを超えてくる


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