Two Free-form Haiku by 牧山牧句人 (Makiyama Bokkujin)


In the seashell ashtray
dark red embers
of a cigarette butt


The moon
and the clean air in winter
weakening my eyes


*I do not know how to pronounce the author’s name, and I can find no information about how to pronounce it anywhere online. In desperation, I used Google Translate, and it came up with its own interesting, but most likely inaccurate, take on the name: Maki clause human Makiyama. If anyone knows how to pronounce 牧句人, please let me know.

Thanks to aurelio asiain for his help in uncovering information about the author, including the pronunciation of his name.


5 thoughts on “Two Free-form Haiku by 牧山牧句人 (Makiyama Bokkujin)

  1. Glad to hear they’re useful for something 8>}
    You don’t, by any chance, know how to pronounce 牧句人? Some of these names are almost impossible to figure out.

  2. A great blog you have here. Congrats! As for the pronunciation you are looking for, it is Makuyama Bokkujin. See here:
    And here:

    Some information picked up from




    • Thank you so much for your help with the name. It always feels good to update the site (unfortunately, I don’t find the time to do this much anymore).

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