Water Wheel by Tokumaru Shugo (SUISHA / トクマルシューゴ)

A flame rises in the east, splitting through the darkness
At the intersection of morning, I am dyed in the sunrise

On the cold roadside beyond the reach of the spring sun
I hear the cool voice of water from a creaky water wheel

Pampas grass against the sky, blowing in the wind
The sky’s damp color isn’t caused by the evening dew
In the morning my clothes are dyed the color of dawn

I could hear it all through the night

Laughter resounding, losing its shape
And before I lost consciousness, I spat it out into the sky

暗闇裂けていく 東が燃え出して
朝の交差点で 朝焼けに染まる

春の日差し避けた 凍えた道端に
冷たい水の声が 水車の軋りから



笑い声が響く 形が崩れてく


Tokumaru Shugo (b. 1980) is an acclaimed singer-songwriter from Tokyo. His albums include L.S.T. (2005), EXIT (2007), and Port Entropy (2010).


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