to a little girl by Jikkoku Osamu (ちいさな おんなのこ に / じっこくおさむ)

the night is shut tight within your body
pure sweet
indescribably gentle girl!

sparkling your black
shine! your

passionate zigzag soul
opens wide its sightless eyes
in search of your kingdom

ぴったりと よる を からだ に ふうじこめて
しろく あまく
いいよう も なく やさしい こ よ!

かがやく おまえの くろい
め で
てらせ! この

あつい ジグザグの たましい
みえぬ め を みはって
おのれ の おうこく を さがす もの を


4 thoughts on “to a little girl by Jikkoku Osamu (ちいさな おんなのこ に / じっこくおさむ)

    • I’m happy it keeps you coming back. Thankfully/Sadly, there is a treasure trove of Japanese poetry that is unavailable in English. On the sad side, why has no one tackled the work of Jikkoku Osamu on a large scale? (Why is there hardly any information about him at all?) On the thankful side, it allows me to learn a lot of new vocabulary while spreading great things to my side of the world all at once. There’s a lot more to come.

      • I think it’s got something to do with the fact that you’re doing a good job on your own.

        If you like, I will set aside a Showcase special at ‘the zen space’ for an essay or article, with examples, by yourself of Jikkoku Osamu’s work. This will be outside the normal quarterly Showcase. Please consider this an invitation.


    • Thank you very much for your invitation. I’ll see if I can find out more about the man, enough to form an article. My focus so far has been more on the poems than the poets, but it would be good to learn more about the people behind the words. I’ve only been able to find two sites with his poetry and a little bit of information about him. Other than that, two of his poems were translated in James Kirkup’s Modern Japanese Poetry (1978), and I took part of the mini-bio from that book to introduce him here on my site. If I can gather enough material to put together an essay, I’ll be sure to send it your way.

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