Moon by Tate Takako (月 / タテタカコ)

The moon appears from behind the clouds
Children breathing softly in their sleep
The moon is born into the sky
and emits a lovely light

Mother left her memories with the tears
that overflowed from her eyes
and drifted away on the wind

When the pampas grass was growing
A tragedy took her away from me
I want her to be alive, to come back alive
I want her to catch me in her arms

The moon shines its light in the grass
On the insects’ hushed voices
The moon shines its light on my palm
Holding a small, pink sakura shell

With promises unfulfilled
My sorrow rises to the sky
As long as there is life left to live
I will live to tell my story
To tell my story

月が 雲の中から現れる
月が 生まれてきたこの空に

母の目から零れ落ち 零れ落ち

すすきのなる頃 惨劇が
生きて 生きて帰ってほしい

月が 照らし出した草の根には
月が 照らし出した手のひらには

生きて 生きて命ある限り
生きて 語り継ぐ


Tate Takako, image found at

Tate Takako (b. 1978) is a singer/songwriter from Iida, Nagano prefecture. She graduated from the Kunitachi College of Music and taught music before becoming a full-time musician. In 2001, she started playing live, and in 2004 her song “Jewel” (「宝石」) was featured in the award-winning Kore-eda Hirokazu film Nobody Knows (誰も知らない), in which she also played a small role as a convenience store clerk. Her albums include Sky (そら, 2004), animals (イキモノタチ, 2007), and Harkitek or ta ayoro (2010).


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