An Island With No People by Sai Yoshiko (人のいない島 / 佐井好子)

I go to an island with no people
To live on an island with no people
I don’t see anyone or talk to anyone
My white skin floats on the water
And I fall in love with myself

Deep within the island with no people
I drift on a boat in a small cove
With a broken flute and glass shoes
Along with a little rouge bird
I sway atop the dark waves

The island with no people is far away
Near a graveyard of ships from strange lands
Deep is the sea, and stagnant
Stars fall through the night sky. Buried
in the sand, alone, I fall asleep



海なお深く 海なおよどみ
星ふる夜わ 銀の砂に
埋もれてひとリ 眠リにつく

Sai Yoshiko is a folk singer-songwriter who was primarily active in the mid- to late-70s. Her albums include 萬花鏡 (A Myriad of Flowers and Mirrors, 1975), 密航 (Secret Passage, 1976), and 胎児の夢 (Embryonic Dreams, 1977). She retired from music in 1979 but made a comeback in 2001.

Listen to “An Island With No People” here.

Special thanks to Yumi Hori for a few modifications.

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