Opus B by Naka Taro (作品B/那珂太郎)

Agony of bent algae in the sorrow of the calm sea
White spray of grief from the sloping waves
Pattern of eternity in the mesh of the nets that bubble in the void
Zither in the purple rain shower of infinity
Life in the fireworks in the snow on the sadness of the sand
Fuji quaking in the nape of a cicada husk
The wings of a swan on a distant invisible tower
Located in a dream of evening clouds crimson with shame

* * *



The Japanese poet Naka Taro was born Fukuda Shojiro in 1922. This poem is taken from his 1966 collection of poetry, entitled Music (音楽), which won the Muro Saisei Poetry Award and the Yomiuri Prize for Literature.

UPDATE: Originally misread 白鳥 (swan) as 白馬 (white horse). Corrected.


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