Face by Saijo Yaso (顔 / 西條八十)

No matter how far I go
across this endless, barren plain
only pale white flowers are in bloom,
I have never before
been on such a lonely journey.

Suddenly, I turn around to see
I’ve been aimlessly wandering
on the face of my lover.

* * *


Saijo Yaso (1892-1970) was a Japanese poet, lyricist and French scholar. His oldest daughter, Mitsui Futabako, was also a poet. Saijo published many children’s lyrics in the magazine Akai Tori (Red Bird), including “Canary” (set to music by Narita Tamezo), which is one of the most famous songs from that time period. Along with Hakushu Kitahara, Saijo was one of the leading figures in children’s lyrics in the Taisho era. He was even the first to discover famous children’s poet Kaneko Misuzu.

(Information taken from the Japanese Wikipedia page and from Kodomo no Kuni.

* * *




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