Haiku by Itami Kimiko (伊丹公子, 1925-2014)

cold goldfish
 turn toward the grass
 as though blind

寒の金魚 盲目のように芝へ向く

a busy window
in midair
 before Christmas eve

中天に繁忙の窓 聖夜前

I meet the sun god Ra
 in a deep room
 of the forest

太陽神ラァに会う 森の深い部屋

dizzy in the plum grove
 normal days
 without end

梅林に目眩み 果てもない日常

the shuttle arrived
 at the ancient castle
  I become a bird

古代の館に シャトルが着いた 鳥になる

hosting the divine spirit
of the goddess
 a cat in full dress and earrings

女神の神霊宿すは 正装耳輪の猫

rain reflected
on the large clock
 station in the country

大時計に雨が映つて 田舎の駅

a human voice
distinctly rises
 city of exile

人声のあざやかに立つ 遠流の町

butterflies die
 and women always
 boil water

蝶枯れて 女はいつも湯を沸かす

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