Ceramic Angels: Haiku by Itami Kimiko (伊丹公子)

a ceramic angel was sold
 freezing wind
 antique shop

陶器の天使が売れた 木枯骨董店

on the insectarium worker’s back
 the morpho butterfly
 begins to disappear

昆虫館員の背で モルフオ蝶消えはじめる

a swaying poplar
on the summer solstice
 a closed down factory

夏至の戦ぎのポプラ一本 廃工場

city early fall
 clouds gather over
  an unmarked grave

都市初秋 無名の墓に 雲あつまる

looks like rain
 in a distant house
 I can see a woman’s hand

雨意たしか 遠家に女の手が見えて

the mouth of a carnivorous plant
 a terrifying autumn
 in the greenhouse

食虫植物垂れ 温室のこわい秋


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