“Tokyo Shounen” by Going Steady



瞳を閉じれば 聞こえてくるだろう
拳握った 少年の声が!!!

鼻血が夕暮れ!! にじんだ夕暮れ!!!
かすむ彼方は 此の世の終わりか!!

カチカチ耳カス チカチカ星クズ
あの娘に会いに 夜空に飛び立つ

指先に止まった 赤トンボ
何処へ帰るの 赤トンボ

僕等は若くて 心が歪んだ

瞳を閉じれば 聞こえてくるだろう
拳握った 少年の声が!!!

* * *

Tokyo Boy

Lyrics: Mineta Kazunobu
Trans.: Alex Fyffe

If you close your eyes, you will hear
the voice of a bare-fisted boy!!!

The nosebleed evening!! The blurred evening!!!
The mist on the horizon could be the end of the world!!

Dry earwax, glimmering stardust
flying through the night to meet a girl

Red dragonfly resting on my fingertips,
where do you call your home, red dragonfly?

We are young, our hearts are twisted
We shout! We shout! We are here!!

If you close your eyes you will hear
the voice of a bare-fisted boy!!!


Trans. 2008. Revised 2011.

“bare-fisted.” The line more literally reads: “the voice of a boy making a fist,” but bare-fisted boy had a certain ring to it that I couldn’t ignore. I think it gets across both the rage and the vulnerability of the 東京少年.

The chorus is closer to: “red dragonfly that stopped on my fingertips, to where will you return, red dragonfly?”