Children Who Know Only War by The Brain Police aka Zunou Keisatu (戦争しか知らない子供達 / 頭脳警察)

We were born in a time of war
Haneda No. 1, Haneda No. 2
10.21, Sanrizuka
And the fighting continues
Let us tell you our names
We are the children who know only war

We grew up longing for peace
Sticks, spears, helmets
Pipe bombs, dynamite
The fighting continues today and tomorrow
We want you to remember our names
We are the children who know only war


平和にあこがれ 僕等は育った
ゲバ棒 竹やり ヘルメット
パイプ爆弾 ダイナマイト
今日も明日も 闘い続ける
僕等の名前を 覚えてほしい


This song was Zunou Keisatsu’s take on the popular song “Children Who Don’t Know War” (戦争を知らない子供たち) by Jiros (ジローズ). It was written in response to the Sanrizuka conflict of the 60s and 70s, a dispute between the government and farmers in Narita over the opening of an international airport that would potentially destroy the livelihoods of the locals. After years of protests and fighting, the airport opened in 1978.