Autumn Night by Nagata Hideo and Yamada Kosaku (秋の夜 / 長田秀雄 x 山田耕筰)

Silently illumined  In the moonlight
The sorrowful crying  Sound of insects
Silently darkening  The autumn night
Inviting loneliness  Sound of insects

しづかに照らす 月かげに
あはれなきよる 虫の聲
しづかに更くる 秋の夜の
さびしささそふ 虫の聲


Nagata Hideo (1885 – 1949) was a Japanese poet, playwright and scriptwriter.

Yamada Kosaku (1886 – 1965) was a Japanese composer who left behind approximately 1600 pieces of music.

The words were written by Nagata, and Yamada set them to music. You can hear a performance of the song here.