Six Tanka by Sato Manatsu (佐藤真夏)

a drop of water
softly broke
on my fingertip
into my band-aid
loneliness soaked

so that it can
disappear entirely
from this world
inside your breast
the new moon sleeps

the feeling
of touching
a cold window
in the middle of the night
kiss and cry (repeat)

when it’s time to go
my sense of security
is thrown into confusion
this is what we wanted
our ending given shape

just so you’ll
forgive me
I hold up my hands
in the flames of war
I hear a music box

that morning
was fragile like the flame
of a candle
tightly holding on
recklessly flickering







NOTE: All poems originally appeared in the Japanese literary anthology Musica, vol. 2 (January 2015).