The Light of the Firefly Devoured: Five Haiku

縫いぐるみの熊抱きバターが溶ける –中山法子

Her teddy bear
The butter melts

–Nakayama Noriko

蜘蛛の囲にかかり蛍火はや食はる –山口誓子

Caught in the spider’s web
The firefly’s light
Is quickly devoured

–Yamaguchi Seishi

向日葵は亡き母の背と同じ丈 –金子敦

This sunflower
is the same height
as my late mother

–Kaneko Atsushi

失望は午前に午後に虫の夜に –宇多喜代子

Despair comes
in the morning in the evening
in the insect night

–Uda Kiyoko

NOTES: Poems used by kind permission from the Gendai Haiku Association.