Returning Sky by Kure Miyo (帰ってきた空 / 呉美代)

Suddenly, my body relaxed
my arms became graceful wings
and I flew over a world I’d never known
My eyes were tinged a deep sky blue
But one day
an unusual fog rose up
and you went missing
Shaking at the nerves
I went out to look for you
but you were nowhere to be found
Turning around
I could see my window standing all alone in the fog
my embarrassingly small window
When I came back to my place
I took out my fence and my window
Then every ounce of me waited for you
The rain fell
like thread on my naked body
It warmed up
my insides

I wonder how many years passed
When I looked down
roots had spread out from my feet
I had become a tree
My luxuriant leaves returned boldly to the ground
and soon came the morning, like waking up


Kure Miyo (b. 1927) is a poet who was born in Tokyo.

See the original poem at ポエムコンシェルジュとさがす詩の世界.