Three Haiku

雪に柩積木のごとく重ねおく –宇多喜代子

Coffins in the snow
piled up like bricks

–Uda Kiyoko

土の上を利根は流るる蛇は渡る –武田伸一

Atop the soil
Knowledge flows
A snake passes over

–Takeda Shin’ichi

湖畔亭にヘヤピンこぼれ雷匂ふ –西東三鬼

In the lakeside pavilion
Her hairpin falls to the floor
The smell of thunder

–Saitou Sanki

NOTES: Poems taken from the Gendai Haiku Association’s Database. Please visit their Web site at

Haiku in Wartime



I may be going to war
Fallen leaves
kindle the fire

–Higashi Kyouzou (Higashi Kyôzô)



Out of cigarettes and sugar
Dust in the store’s glass jar

–Kuribayashi Issekiro



My hands and my feet
were disassembled and
replaced with logs

–Tsuru Akira



Waiting for the order to retreat
Rifle on my shoulder

–Nakayama Kamenbou



In the trench
a dog tag
catches the light

–Saitou Sanki


Higashi Kyouzou (or Kyôzô) was another pen name for Akimoto Fujio (秋元不死男).