Four Haiku

どこへでも走って天気の中にいる –谷佳紀

Wherever I run
I’m surrounded
by weather

–Tani Yoshinori

夏来る人格二つたずさえて –恩田皓充

Summer arrives
Two identities

–Onda Hiromitsu

千里より一里が遠き春の闇 –飯田龍太

A single li
is farther than a thousand li
Darkness in spring

–Iida Ryuuta

零(ゼロ)の中 爪立ちをして哭いている –富澤赤黄男

in zero
standing on the tips of my toes
and crying

–Tomisawa Kakio

* * *

NOTES: A li is a unit of measurement (about 500 meters).

Poems used by kind permission from the Gendai Haiku Association.