Early Summer’s Mane: Four Haiku

うりずんのたてがみ青くあおく梳く –岸本マチ子

The mane of early summer
combed blue, so blue

–Kishimoto Machiko

大阪やラムネ立飲む橋の上 –伊丹三樹彦

Osaka —
Standing on a bridge
Drinking ramune

–Itami Mikihiko

菜の花や菜の花色の汽車がくる –貞永まこと

Rape blossoms —
The steam train arrives the color
Of rape blossoms

–Sadanaga Makoto

すこしづつ死す大脳のおぼろかな –能村登四郎


Dying little by little
Brain getting hazy


Death by degrees
Is the light in my brain
Dimming out?

–Nomura Toshirou

NOTES: Poems taken from the Gendai Haiku Association’s Database. Please visit their Web site at www.haiku-data.jp.