An Excerpt from Kids These Days by Kubo Kiriko (いまどきのこども/玖保キリコ)

Today, I’d like to present “The Tale of Kuriko” (クリコちゃんの話, Kuriko-chan no Hanashi) from the second volume of Kubo Kiriko’s Imadoki no Kodomo (Kids These Days). I found this book at a Half-Price Bookstore many years ago — probably 2006 — and I have always loved it. I was just starting to learn Japanese at the time, and the six-page stories of these children were easy for me to understand, and many of them made me laugh out loud.

Since these books have, unfortunately, never made their way to American bookstores in English translation, I hope that presenting a small chapter from the series will in no way offend the artist or publishers. Also, this is my first time using an image manipulator in order to translate, so the scans are not exactly professional quality. If I continue to do these in the future, I will try harder to learn how to clean up the scans. And so without further ado, here is Entry No. 1’s very first manga translation, “The Tale of Kuriko.”

Simply click on the images to make them larger. (Also, remember to read from right to left.)