Godless Horse by Oguma Hideo (無神の馬 / 小熊秀雄)

My nothingness
was a basket full of remorseful strawberries
As I ate them, I laughed, wept, became angry
and the morning sun was simply rising in the sky

Being in love is like a shell
that clings to your back and won’t let go
Love is an eternally delightful burden

A horse let loose in the streets
Oh, that is my godless horse
hair fatiguing and unsightly thick
standing calmly in an unlit meadow.



ああ それは私の無神の馬だ


Oguma Hideo (1901-1940) was a Japanese poet, critic, children’s writer and manga author from Hokkaido. After working several odd jobs, including being a watchman at a poultry farm, Oguma started working as a newspaper reporter in 1922. It was around this time that he started writing poetry. He became established as a poet in 1935 with the publication of his collected poems.

無神 — lit. “no god,” or, in other words, “godless” or “atheist.” However, it could also refer to 無心 — lit. “no heart/mind,” or, in other words, “at one with the natural world,” or “enlightened.”


One thought on “Godless Horse by Oguma Hideo (無神の馬 / 小熊秀雄)

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